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Primary Glass
model above, was created with Moonlight Atelier 0.9.2 beta.

The program is a free 3D modeling and rendering studio, available for download from among other sites.

No longer in development, but has an active user community.

original artwork, scripts and automata.

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Terragen landscapes
Blender 3D models POV-Ray rendered scripts GIMP and PaintshopPro
POV-Ray rendered scripts
Images below produced by the POV-Ray raytracer from scene-description scripts.
Floating Mill Floating Mill

Machine tool simulation for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) study.

This hierarchical model executes tool path sequences by driving to machining positions at XYZ coordinates of the cutting bit tip. Any number of animation frames may be extracted from machining sequences.
Clock Mechanism Clock Mechanism

A partially assembled clock mechanism of gold roller drives with emerald inserts. Whimsical virtual sculpture using booleans and Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG).
El Dorado El Dorado

The lost city. Made with GT for Genesis Toolkit and POV-Ray. A heightfield terrain made natural with landscape object distribution control.
Brainbow Brainbow
peaceful electric rainbow.

These images are looped equation scripts. Procedural object generation automata.
Rainblow Rainblow
small bang particles.

Stone Wall Stone Wall

Seamless tiling array of prisms with position-indexed colors and displacement.
Terragen graphical controls created these scenes from PaintShop Pro and Soho black-and-white floorplans. See

Lighthouse Point Lighthouse Point

Calm "sailors’ delight" day view. Converted shipping warehouses occupied by marine institute, old lighthouse used for observation and cafe.
Voices of Gravity Voices of Gravity

This stone engine modulates the resonances of a planet, and pulls it through space. Its voices navigate by ringing the liquid core. Threads of gravity sing up through these aeolian wells as the planet gently falls.
Castor and Pollux Castor and Pollux

Twin hills. Entirely edited and rendered in Terragen.
Blender 3D models
A complete modeling animation studio. Fast, powerful, free and extensible.
More than just a sketchpad, way more.

Blender Logo Blender Logo

Blender 3D software logo.
Based on the company’s own trademarked logo (not original).
Fountain Fountain

Study for a large bronze fountain sculpture.

Custom shapes are regular mesh models with constrained dimensions. Deformation parent lattices shape the water.
Pascals Pyramid Pascal’s Pyramid

Subdivision and replication study for Python scripting.
Living Room Living Room

Interior color-scheme sample drawing.
Hot Rod Hot Rod

Sketch for a cartoon funny car.
GIMP and PaintshopPro
JASC PaintshopPro is easily accessible. PhotoShop is like GIMP, except GIMP is free open-source software.
See for the Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
and for PaintshopPro.

Happy Dragons HappyDragons

Seamless repeating tile, made with PaintShop Pro in several layers. Inspired by oriental bronze artwork.

One tile shown.
Celtic Knot Magic Celtic Knot Magic

Seamless repeating tile, made with PaintShop Pro in several layers. Made while reading Ian Bain on Celtic knotwork.

Two tiles shown.
Stone Wall Stone Wall

Seamless repeating tile, made with Xfig and GIMP in one layer.

Two tiles shown.
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